>About New Album Of Linkin Park


“…So I would imagine, I’m guessing even conservatively, that we’ll probably have a record out by June of next year.”- Chester @ MTV Interview…

“We mentally want to get back to [2000’s “Hybrid Theory”] not because we want to sound like [that], because I don’t think we do,” Shinoda says of the forthcoming Linkin Park album, which they aim to release in the first half of 2010. “But we want to make this record a record with identity, hopefully not one you’ve heard before. One you can listen to and say, ‘That’s brand new… It’s definitely Linkin Park, but it’s definitely different.” – Mike @ Billboard interview…

And, at the time Mike was interviewed by DoJour about GLXS: Dies, he also stated that in the first pertangahan year 2010 (between January to June), is expected to be completed LP album.

Then, Mike promised to try to speed up recording the album, which usually takes a very long time (between 3-4 years old). Evidence (25 November ’09):
“Then, after the next album, we hope to continue to create and release music faster than we have in the past (3-4 years between studio albums is obviously a long time). The bottom line is: we’re trying to be in the studio more than ever, making great stuff that is Linkin Park’s quality. We LIVE in the studio now. ” – Mike@MikeShinoda.com, Response To Fans.


~ oleh lpu7 pada 16 Desember 2009.

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  1. >Great !! I wait 4 it . .

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