>Video Chat dengan Mike dan Phoenix di Twitter MTV UK

>Mike dan Pheonix telah mengadakan chat di Twitter MTV UK dengan fansnya ketika dikantor mereka. Berikut transkripnya

1. What was it like working with Jay z? And did he have any bad habits?
– Jay has a bad habit of being awesome
2. How you doing guys? Can we expect more Europe tour dates anytime soon? And is it true that the shows this year will be shorter?
– New shows will be announced on linkinpark.com. We’ll be playing stuff from HT, Meteora, MTM, and ATS. 90+ min, we hope
3. Hi guys! Can you give us an idea of what to expect from the UK tour?
– NEW STUFF, OLD STUFF… Sorry don’t mean to yell
4. Hello Mike and Phx. Is it real, that you will player shorter setlists at the European and South American tour?
– I don’t know why they would be any shorter
5. Mike, are you prepared to do all the singing live? Phoenix will you be doing some background vocals live? 🙂
– Mike is preparing as we speak… I’ll definitely be trying to do some backing vocals…
6. Do you have any plan to do a live in Japan?
– Definitely going to be coming to Japan
7. Hi @m_shinoda Hi @phoenixlp Just want U to know, your Indonesian fans are waiting 4U!! Please comeback..?! #indonesia
– Hopefully come to Indonesia too!
8. What’s your rating for your upcoming album, guys?
– Oh my, “what’s your rating for your upcoming album, guys?” – XXX –MS
9. Is it true you are only playing a short setlist on the up coming European tour!?
– 90+ minutes
10. Does any other member of LP sing on the album apart from Mike and Chester??
– Yes… all of us sing on the record!
11. Just wanna say I love you. And BTW please do a show in India in the coming yrs, please.
– Hello to all our fans in India!

12. What are the odds of an Australian leg of the tour?
– Odds are good…very good… I’d bet on it.
13. OMG. I just missed it. RT @m_shinoda @phoenixlp and I are at @mtvuk doing a twitter chat
– You didn’t miss it.
14. Thanks for everything guys… signing off here and moving to other things… thanks for all your questions!

Setelah itu Mike memposting video rekaman ketika chat di twitter di blognya, cekidot :


~ oleh lpu7 pada 26 Agustus 2010.

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