>Linkin Park Aussie and French contests

>Linkin Park Australia site is giving the Aussie fans the chance to win a trip overseas to see Linkin Park in concert, all you have to do is upload a video or photo proving yourself to be a huge Linkin Park fan. If you want to win a Deluxe Fan Edition Box Set then write about your favourite Linkin Park moment. More details at http://www.athousandsuns.com.au/, thanks to LPL for the tip.

Speaking of contest, LPA reports that DailyMotion is having a contest where the winner will get to meet Linkin Park and 2 tickets to LP’s concert in Bercy, Paris on October 25, contest is opened to French fans only, more details here [ www.lpassociation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=31622&s=b19e3c12bc94833db6174dbde62dae09&p=974056#post974056 ] , watch Mike and Brad’s message below.

Berikut keterangan lengkapnya :

The Catalyst Video Contest

Linkin Park DailyMotion are working together to give French fans the chance to win some great prizes. All you have to do is create your very own video for The Catalyst and upload it to DailyMotion by September 23rd. Watch Brad Mike talk about it here.
Here are the prizes you could win:

– A meeting with the group in Paris 25/10/10
– 2 seats for the concert in Paris Bercy 25/10/10

How To Participate:

1 – Download the free 90 seconds of “The Catalyst” here [ https://easyshare.oodrive.com/easyshare/fwd/link=R4OFKYgpsgQNisqhMXaHLA ]. 2 – Create your own video on this 90 seconds version.
3 – Post your video at www.dailymotion.com/contest/linkin-park before midnight Sept. 23 deadline.

Terms Conditions:

– Participants must reside in France.
– Must have a DailyMotion account and fill out an entry form.
– Video created by entrant must be a personal creation (the participant must hold the rights to operate the video in which he participated in the contest) and shall comply with the following technical constraints:
– Maximum file size: 150MB

Tips for your videos:

– MP4 formats (H.264), MOV, WMV, AVI
– Resolution: 640 x480 or 320×240 – 25 frames per second (fps or frametape)

The members of Linkin Park will choose their own favourite video and announce the winner on or before 10.18.2010.


~ oleh lpu7 pada 28 Agustus 2010.

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