>Mike’s Blog : Haters and Believers: A Thousand Suns Album Release

>Mike Shinoda telah memposting sebuah artikel tentang haters and believers dari album ATS, berikut potongannya :

"Hey guys. I've been getting some questions regaring my thoughts about the album release, so I thought that I 'd try to address some of them.

To start, a quick review: about a year and a half ago, we made a conscious decision to take our music in a new direction. Once the music started flowing, it became a modern, alternative sound–an abstract, concept- driven, 50-minute journey. We predicted the album release would be incendiary; the new direction would be welcomed by some, and fervently resisted by others. Now, with that album out in stores, it seems that you guys are curious about our intentions behind the music, and our reactions to the noise being made about A Thousand Suns."

Teman2 dapat membaca selengkapnya di :



~ oleh lpu7 pada 28 September 2010.

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