>ARTISTdirect : Chester Bennington "The Messenger," "Saw 3D" dan "A Thousand Suns"

>Dalam website ARTISTdirect.com, Chester membicarakan tentang album A Thousand Suns, film Saw 3D, dan lagu The Messenger yang ada di album ATS, berikut potongannya :

Linkin Park’s A Thousand Suns unfolds like a film.
Linkin Park have constructed an intricate and infectious enigma of an album that opens up a tiny bit more with each listen. Whether it’s the cyber punk hunt on “When They Come for Me” or the dreamy reprieve of “Robot Boy,” each song remains part of a larger framework, and that’s the true genius of A Thousand Suns. Certainly “Wretches and Kings” and “The Catalyst” stand on
their own with unshakable hooks and unfathomable depth, but they also contribute to a groundbreaking vision. That vision encompasses hard rock, industrial, electronica, hip hop and every other genre under the sun unlike anything that’s come before —making A Thousand Suns a real tough act to follow. Linkin Park built an album for the ages that must be experienced from front- to-back, just like any classic movie. Then again, the scenes or songs, whatever you want to call them, each explode vibrantly by themselves.”

teman2 dapat membaca selengkapnya di #DISINI

jadi bagaimana pendapat teman2 ???


~ oleh lpu7 pada 6 Oktober 2010.

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